March 22 & 23, 2024





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Day of Festival Instructions

Tickets - Please let parents know that $10 Festival Passes are required for all attendees and that they will be available in advance on the LVJI website.

Drop off students - Drop your students off in front of the Sunset Building, on 9th Street, between Lewis and Clark.  Instrument storage will be in individual practice rooms in Sunset.

Park Bus, Van, and/or carsPark your bus on 9th Street between Lewis and Clark, unless you need parking on Friday between 12:30-2:15pm (our dismissal time).  If your bus needs to park during our dismissal time, please park your bus in the alley between 9th& 10th St, near the Jazz Room. You can park vans and cars in the Student Parking Lot.

Check-in - Check-in at the Registration Desk located in the lobby of the Lowden Theater

Warm-up - Take your group to your designated warm-up room (available 30 minutes prior to performance time).  Check the Performance Schedule for your warm-up location.  The volunteers at the registration desk will direct you to the appropriate room.

GuideA guide will meet you in the warm-up room and direct you to your performance and clinic

Adjudications - Adjudication materials will be shared via Google Drive


Tips for Your Day(s) at the Las Vegas Jazz Invitational Festival

Double-Check your performance time(s)

Prepare for your performanceAllow enough time for set-up, tear-down, and applause so that the total time on stage does not exceed 30 minutes.  Scores are not necessary.  We will be offering comments from the clinicians.


Encourage your students to attend the Educational Clinics and ConcertsWe take great pride in the quality and diversity of our clinicians and feel that the clinics and concerts are an important aspect of the educational component of the festival.


Help us keep things moving smoothly and safely - Please follow the route your guide will set from the warm-up room to the performance site, then to the clinic room (if applicable).


Keep in mind what equipment is provided - There will be 25 music stands in each performance venue.  Each performance site will have a piano; drum set/cymbals; vibes; bass and guitar amps, and congas.  Keyboards will not be provided.  To help keep things running smoothly, we ask that you use the equipment provided.  Drummers may use their own cymbals.


Remember that volunteers are here to help you -Please let us help you with any special needs you have.  Also, the sound engineers are there to help ensure a wonderful performance.  If you need something from them, please let them know before or during your performance.


Video- The Las Vegas Jazz Invitational Festival will not be video recording group performances.  If video is desired, please feel free to bring your own video recording equipment.


Cancellations - If, due to weather or other emergency you must cancel your appearance, please call (702) 799-7800 ext 4051 as soon as possible, before the festival.